Field Greens & Scallops with Orange Maple Vinaigrette

Yield: 4 Salads


16oz 10/20 Dry Sea Scallops

12oz Field Greens

1ea Red Onion – Quartered & sliced

1cupFresh Squeezed Orange Juice

2oz Maple Syrup

2oz Olive oil

1/2 oz Fresh Basil - Chiffonade

Salt & Pepper

Prepare Salad

* Place field greens in bowl and refrigerate along with plates


* Sweat red onions in a small sauce pan

* Add fresh orange juice and reduce by half

* Add fresh basil and wilt

* Add Maple syrup – simmer

* Let stand warm

* Add olive oil

* Salt & pepper to taste

Prepare Scallops

Saute Scallops in olive oil with salt & pepper

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